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Ross Noble

Date of birth: 05-06-1976
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Ross Noble vs easyJet

Comic narked after cabin crew 'shrug off' falling emergency panel

comedyRoss Noble has clashed with easyJet online after an emergency hatch fell on him during a flight.

The comic altered staff after the cover which conceals the lever to open the cabin door came off – also causing condensation to drip on him – but he complained that the crew just 'shrugged' it off and failed to apologise

He posted an image of the exposed panel on social media explaining: ‘Decided to fly @easyJet. Great value. The emergency hatch falling on me was at no extra charge. Staff didn’t waste time apologising or showing any concern they helpfully informed me the water dripping on me was just condensation. Great job."

It triggered a response from the airline asking about the booking details, but Noble replied: ‘Not looking for compensation. Maybe ask staff to say sorry for the inconvenience it’s all safe, rather than with shrug. It’s just condensation dripping on you. Don't lean on the door. Or pull lever. I am not a nervous flyer but that is potentially terrifying for someone who is.’

A follow-up from EasyJet said: ‘I am truly sorry to read about your experience Ross. I am glad to know that the cabin crew were able to apologise for this and I hope your journey was a great one’ – even though the lack of apology was what he was complaining about.

‘Are you a chat bot?,’ the 48-year-old replied. ‘You haven’t read my Message. They didn’t! A thing fell on me and then water dripped out. When we have seen news of a plane door coming off maybe show some concern. Apologise even if you don’t mean it. I know it’s a budget business but manners cost nothing.’

One fan joked: ‘Amazed they didn’t charge you for inflight hydration.’

The company later apologised, explaining the panel is for cosmetic purposes only.

Noble was referring to the incident in January when a door came off a commercial Boeing 737 flight as it was climbing out of Portland, Oregon, creating a large hole in the side of the plane.

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Published: 26 Jun 2024

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