Harry Hill: I made Gordon Ramsay’s children cry | ...and how he'd drink on the job when he was a doctor

Harry Hill: I made Gordon Ramsay’s children cry

...and how he'd drink on the job when he was a doctor

comedyHarry Hill has revealed that he once made Gordon Ramsay’s children cry - by opening the door to them dressed as a gorilla.

But the comic said he didn’t realised the youngsters were related to chef, he told Kathy Burke on her Where There’s A Will, There’s A Wake podcast. 

‘I do have a really good gorilla costume which I would wear at Halloween when the kids were small. I used to answer the door in it,’ he said.

‘I made Gordon Ramsay's kids cry. I didn't know they were his kids. Hands up. They knocked on the door, "trick or treat". I answer it dressed as a gorilla. They don't know it's me. It's just a gorilla. It's a really good suit.’

Asked why they cried, Hill joked: ‘Well, I suppose if you're Gordon Ramsey's kids, you're never far from tears. It was probably unrelated to me answering the door dressed as a gorilla.’

Ramsay has six children, ranging in age from one to 26.

Hill also spoke about his pre-comedy career as a doctor – and revealing he used to drink on the job.

He confessed: ‘When I was a doctor, I used to be on call and this is a terrible thing. We'd be on call, this is at Kingston Hospital, and there was a pub which was within the range of the bleep. 

‘So, we'd get all the patients, all sorted out for their operations, and there would be like an hour or something while we were waiting for them to get done.

‘And then we would go to the pub, on the bleep, and if I got bleeped, I would then have to go to the payphone in the pub and say, "Oh, it's Doctor Hill here. Can you put me through to Byron Ward?" or whatever it was, and she'd say, "yeah, you've got to come quickly because so-and-so’s not breathing’. And then I’d have to run.  

Hill is going on tour in early 2025. Harry​​Hill tour dates

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Published: 5 Jun 2024

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