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Caimh McDonnell Cambridge Medics Revue Candy Gigi Markham Cardinal Burns Carey Marx Cariad Lloyd Carl Barron Carl Donnelly Carl Hutchinson Carl-Einar Häckner Carly Baker Carly Smallman Carol Tobin Caroline Aherne Caroline Clifford Caroline Mabey Carrie Quinlan Catherine Semark Catherine Tate Catie Wilkins Catriona Knox Cecilia Delatori Celia Pacquola Chambers & Nettleton Charles Ross Charlie Baker Charlie Chuck Charlie Covell Charlie Drake Charlie Pickering Charlie Ross Charlotte Curtis Charlotte Perking Charmian Hughes Chas Early Chris Addison Chris Betts Chris Brooker Chris Cairns Chris Coltrane Chris Corcoran Chris Cox Chris Cross Chris Durkin Chris Elliot Chris Fitchew Chris Forbes Chris Gilbert Chris Green Chris Hardwick Chris Henry Chris Kent Chris Langham Chris Larner Chris Luby Chris Lynam Chris Martin Chris Mayo Chris McCausland Chris Morris Chris Neill Chris Norton Walker Chris Quaile Chris Ramsey Chris Roche Chris Rock Chris Stokes Chris Tavner Chris Tisdall Chris Turner Christian Elderfield Christian Reilly Christian Schulte-Loh Christian Steel Christina Martin Christine Hamilton Christophe Davidson Ciaran Murtagh Claire Hooper Clare Campbell Clare Lomas Clare Warde Claudia O'Doherty Clever Peter Clive Anderson Clyde West Cole Parker Colin and Rob Colin Chadwick Colin Cole Colin Hoult Colin Manford Colin Murphy Colin Owens Colm O'Regan Colm Tyrrell Colum McDonnell Conor Neville Corinne Grant Count Arthur Strong Craig Campbell Craig Cash Craig Hill Craig Murray Curtis Walker