A rape joke has sparked controversy at the Melbourne Comedy Festival – after an audience member staged a silent protest at the gag. Sexuality and diversity student Cecelia Devlin left her seat and sat under her table after taking offence at the line. In response comic Ray Badran said: ‘Seriously, what's this girl's problem? Oh wait, you probably shouldn't ask someone whose just called out a rape joke what their problem is.

•'I feel like I've been misogynistic for years and no-one's noticed until now' Jim Jefferies.

Doug Stanhope is returning to the UK for the first time in three years.

The new series of Peep Show and Fresh Meat will be available to O2 customers before anyone else.

THE LAST LEG team are to stage a live version of their hit Channel 4 show.

A one-minute comedy short will win one aspiring film-maker six months' of crucial training in the business.

Matt Forde is to host a new political comedy panel show for Absolute radio.

Three Jim Davidson shows were pulled after the comedian was allegedly abusive to theatre staff.

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