So heartless!

Sitcom's fans anger at how a lead character was killed off

comedyTalk about cold. American sitcom Kevin Can Wait has been slammed for killing off a major character with one throwaway line.

Erinn Hayes had been playing Donna, the long-suffering wife of Kevin James, for the first 24 episodes of the CBS sitcom. But executives decided they’d rather him reunited with his King Of Queens co-star Leah Remini instead, so decided to bump off poor Donna.

When the news broke last month, CBS president Kelly Kahl said the death of the loved character a would be ‘treated with dignity and respect’.

In fact, it was dealt within a minute, with Kevin going through the post and seeing a piece of junk mail

He tells his daughter Sara: ‘It’s from your mum’s gym: “Haven’t seen you. We miss you” ‘ou know what? So do I.’

Sara replies: ‘It's been over a year since she died—they shouldn't be sending this.’

‘That’s right. But don’t throw that out, on the bottom is a coupon for a kung-fu lesson. I wanna go there.”

After that, Donna doesn’t warrant a second thought.

Fans voiced their upset at the ‘heartless’ move on Twitter, with entertainment journalist Dana Schwards commenting:’When I die, I can only pray that my husband will honor my memory with the same dignity as "Kevin Can Wait" on CBS’.