This SNL sketch is hands-down the kids' favourite | Jay Lafferty picks her Perfect Playlist

This SNL sketch is hands-down the kids' favourite

Jay Lafferty picks her Perfect Playlist

Jay Lafferty is performing her latest stand-up show Bahookie at the  Gilded Balloon Teviot at 6.20pm throughout the Fringe. Here she shares her Perfect Playlist of comedy favourites… 

Billy Connolly: Two Night Stand - Wildebeest routine 

The first comedy video I ever owned was Billy Connolly’s Two Night Stand. I got it for my birthday  and watched it over and over for weeks.

All these years later, Billy’s Wildebeest routine remains  my favourite bit of stand-up comedy. It’s pure silliness but just so relatable. Anytime I see a nature  programme I am reminded of Billy’s wildebeest, who don’t know they’re wildebeest.

If I had to I could recite that whole set complete with Agnes the lion's sexy shoulder action.  

Taylor Tomlinson: Look At You  

'Do you think I would be this successful at my age if I had a live mom?' What a line! Taylor’s  writing is tight, every single word is carefully crafted, there is not a single bit of fat on her jokes, every word lands the punch she wants it to.

I love this Netflix special as it is deeply personal, dealing  with grief, mental health and difficult relationships but it never falls into that 'poor me' territory, that  in my opinion so many stand-ups get lost in. Just when the vulnerability is at its peak, she pulls it  back with a dirty joke.  

French and Saunders: Film Parodies - Silence of The Lambs

I loved watching French and Saunders growing up - The Krankies appearing in their parody of  Silence of The Lambs was all anyone was talking about at school the next day. We were ten - no  one had even seen Silence of The Lambs, but for weeks afterwards we were all doing Dawn French impressions of Anthony Hopkins playing Hannibal Lecter - it was all very meta.

The sketch  ended up on Channel 4’s Top 50 sketches of all time so I guess we knew what we liked.  

SNL: More Cowbell  

I realise this is probably on so many comics' lists and makes me highly unoriginal but I don’t care. I  run kids'comedy classes for The Stand Comedy Club and during the course we look at classic sketches - the SNL ‘More Cowbell’ sketch is hands-down the kids' favourite.

I love that they have no clue who Blue Oyster Cult are but they will fully commit to the fact it needs more cowbell.  I had one little boy tell me he asked his parents for a cowbell for Christmas. I hope he got it and just gives everything in life MORE COWBELL. 

@danielinreallife More Cowbell. #snl #00 #willferrell #christopherwalken #chrisparnell #jimmyfallon #horaciosanz #chriskattan #cowbell #morecowbell ♬ Saturday Night Live - TV Themes

Bluey: Lucky’s Dads Ruins Pass the Parcel

I have a three-year-old child so a lot of my current TV choices feature talking dogs. If you haven’t got a kid then chances are you might not have heard of Bluey - do yourself a favour and give it a watch, it is equal parts comedy and drama.

The Heelers are a family of dogs, mum, dad and  daughters Bluey and Bingo. Season 3 Episode 13 sees the youngest Heeler Bingo attend a  birthday party where they play pass the parcel by Lucky’s Dad's rules - basically none of this 'prize in  every layer shit',he’s taking it back to the 80s. It doesn’t go well.  

Weird Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise  

The king of parody, Weird Al Yankovic (as recently played in a spoof biopic by Daniel Radcliffe) was  another guest star in my teenage years.

I first heard his Amish Paradise song in my cousin's car, having being shipped off to Canada to stay with my aunt for a summer - my parents' desperate attempt to remove me from the bad element’ at home.

Upon my return, the bad element’ were  still there and I got to introduce them to Weird Al and his accordion playing.  

Published: 5 Aug 2023

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