Jerry Seinfeld vs pro-Palestine heckler | Protester thrown out of comic's show in Sydney

Jerry Seinfeld vs pro-Palestine heckler

Protester thrown out of comic's show in Sydney

Jerry Seinfeld has been confronted with a pro-Palestinian heckler at his show in Sydney.

The comic's set was interrupted by the man shouting 'free Palestine' during his set at the Qudos Bank arena.

He replied sarcastically: 'We have a genius, ladies and gentlemen, he solved the Middle East. It’s the Jewish comedians, that’s who we have to get. They’re the ones doing everything.'

As the heckler was booed, Seinfeld added: 'They’re going to start punching you in about three seconds, so I would try to get all of your genius out so we can all learn from you'.

The man shouted 'from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free' as he was led out of the venue by security staff.

Seinfeld continued: 'You’re really influencing everyone here we’re all on your side now, because you’ve made your point so well, and in the right venue, you’ve come to the right place for a political conversation

'Tomorrow we will read in the paper: Middle East 100 per cent solved thanks to man at the Qudos Arena stopping Jew comedian.'
And Seinfeld suggested the heckler shouting at him would be as effective as him protesting a Jim Jefferies gig in the US about Australian aboriginal rights.

Footage of the clash was captured on video by Robert Gregory, chief executive of the  Australian Jewish Association:

Seinfeld has been a vocal supporter of Israel, and visited the country after Hamas's October 7 terror attacks.

His stance has attracted hecklers before, with reports last month of a gig being interrupted by cries of 'Free Gaza' in Norfolk, Virginia. 

In a subsequent interview, he said: ''I love that these young people, they’re trying to get engaged with politics. We have to just correct their aim a little bit. They don't seem to understand that, as comedians, we really don't control anything.'

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Published: 18 Jun 2024

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