Daisy May Cooper writes a book of spooky stories | From her life and beyond © Sky

Daisy May Cooper writes a book of spooky stories

From her life and beyond

Daisy May Cooper has written her second book, Hexy B*tch, based on spooky stories from her life.

The This Country star has previously spoken about how she believes her house is haunted by the spirit of a dead highwayman and a pair of disembodied legs.

And in the new book – to be published a week before Halloween this year – she will share both her own experiences and paranormal activities from around the world.

Publishers Radar say: ‘For as long as Daisy May Cooper can remember, she's been fascinated with the unexplained. Ghosts, spirits, tea leaves, astrological charts, paranormal activity - you name it, she's been obsessed!’

‘In her hilarious new book, Daisy sets out to probe the otherworldly and investigate how her own experiences with forces we can't explain have influenced all parts of her life.

‘Armed with an open mind and ghost-hunting equipment from the dark web, she explores haunted houses, interrogates experts who claim they can communicate with the other side, reveals a brush with paganism that turned out to be a front for swinging, and digs in to her own spooky side.

‘It's like Scooby-Doo meets Mystic Meg, via a portal to the afterlife in the back room of an Oxfordshire pub. Containing stories that will make your hair stand on end, and some that will make you do a bit of wee with laughter... it's time to embrace the eerie, welcome in the weird and celebrate the spiritual.’

Cooper previously published her no-holds-barred memoirs  Don't Laugh, It'll Only Encourage Her in 2021 in which she revealed that she had bought a ghostbusting kit after her cleaner told her a highwayman’s spirit was floating around in her bedroom. According to her maid, Cooper’s house is built near a  hangman’s tree where hundreds of people were executed.

She also told Adam Buxton on his podcast about one spooky encounter there, explaining: 'I was in my house, which is brand new and near a lake. I woke up at three in the morning and had my two-year-old son in the bed.

'We both woke up and saw just a pair of legs in what looked like PE shorts running around the bed and then it was gone – it stopped just before the hips and was a pair of legs.

'We both watched it run around the bed.… What sort of apparition just comes as legs?'

Cooper’s house was also the subject of a special edition of Radio 4’s ghost-story series Uncanny last Christmas.

The Never Mind The Buzzcocks regular recently revealed she is pregnant with her third child, a sibling for daughter Pip, five, and three-year-old son Jack.

Hexy B*tch is available to order from Amazon – priced £17.79 in hardback, £12.99 on Kindle or £7.99 on audiobook - or from  bookshop.org, below, which helps independent bookstores



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Published: 15 May 2024

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