When censorship backfires...

South Park duo speak out

Censors are responsible for putting a lot MORE filth into American homes, the creators of South Park have claimed.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker say that the stringent conditions imposed by the MPAA, which awards film certificates in the US, has led them to creating more depraved material than they would otherwise have done.

While making Team America, for example, the duo were keen to get a sex scene between two puppets past the regulators.

So they decided to shoot extra footage in which the dolls appeared to shit and piss on each other, which they had no intention of ever really releasing, but could be sacrificed at the censor’s insistence, and so protect the footage they really wanted included.

But when it came to releasing the DVD, they decided to include the deleted footage as an extra in an unrated adults-only version of the disc – which ended up outselling the approved version nine copies to one.

‘If it wasn’t for the MPAA, that footage would never have been shot and never have got into so many homes,’ the duo told an audience at Montreal’s Just For Laughs comedy festival.

They also revealed another instance when supposed censorship backfired.

They wrote a song for their album Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics, which the record label decided was too outrageous for release.

So the pair re-recorded it with the muffled voice of Kenny, so the lyrics could not be determined, and titled it The Most Offensive Song Ever.

But the disguised words only led to fevered internet speculation among South Park fans about what Kenny was actually singing - which was ‘much worse than anything we ever came up with,’ the duo said.

They also revealed for the first time what the song was actually about: The Virgin Mary worrying that she was not a virgin as she had given oral sex.

Lyrics included the archangel Gabriel singing: ‘You can suck all the dick you want and still be a virgin. Just because you went down and sucked some semen down, you can still be a virgin in the eyes of the Lord.’

Here is the song:

Published: 17 Jul 2008

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