Will BF: The Last Gun | Edinburgh Fringe comedy review
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Will BF: The Last Gun

Edinburgh Fringe comedy review

Will BF parodies Western films and documentaries in the most wonderful and weird way.

The room is empty, save for an old-school TV and a VHS and in the first of many hilarious and awkward moments of audience participation, the TV encourages a reluctant volunteer to play the tape.

BF’s ability to build anticipation from the very start of his show is impressive. We quickly cotton on to his unique form of storytelling as the tape begins to play a documentary about a film called The Last Gun, then the show seamlessly transitions between the documentary, and BF himself, acting out the film in person.

Amusingly, the pre-filmed documentary is made to appear self-aware, with perfect comedic timing allowing it to interact with BF himself.

The Last Gun is ‘the most important film you’ve never heard of’, set in 2025, when there is no crime, since all weapons have been melted down. All weapons, that is, except for the last gun that the main character, James Gunn, now has. In a world where everyone has ‘a right to bear a mop’, absurd puns and constant laughs are to be expected.

BF’s character work is impressive, as he plays Gunn with enthusiasm, while also taking on the roles of directors and critics in the documentary. Some particular characters to watch out for are the violent but secretly romantic Thierry Unreasonable, and the horse who gives a surprisingly moving monologue. BF is able to laugh at himself, calling the film ‘the garlic of films’, since it ‘stinks’, while also being the creator of this ‘very real’ film. 

It is a fast-paced and joyful hour, parodying film tropes - such as the ‘one swear word’ rule, which he humorously wastes - and creating a silly and engaging world.

His ridiculous characters include his sock-father and sock-sister, both of whom are sock puppets (obviously), and Dr Claw, the bad guy whose dramatic speeches are interrupted with farts, and who thinks the purpose of guns are to seduce women by holding them in beguiling poses. BF doesn’t miss an opportunity for a quick-witted jab, noting the evil Dr Claw’s role as a billionaire/landlord/oil tycoon with fake shock. 

The story itself, while amusing, is rightfully overshadowed by BF’s hilarious prop work, audience participation and silly one-liners. Kudos to the volunteer who worked with plasticine to make BF a martini glass, and the other who almost beat BF at his own made-up video game - both contributed to the  light-hearted and uproarious atmosphere.

BF has a knack for twisting words into jokes, as wry laughs follow the revelation that Denver Colorado is a man, not a place. Beneath the ludicrous characters and jokes is a rather clever storytelling device, using the documentary and live acting to create an entertaining and wacky hour. 

Review date: 27 Aug 2023
Reviewed by: Kashmini Shah
Reviewed at: Underbelly Bristo Square

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