Everbody dance like a horse...

Weekly trivia file

  • ‘The Queen must think she's a great comedian because all she sees is people fawning, laughing at everything she says.’ Dawn French.

  • Slightly awkward moment when Simon Pegg was introduced to Gillian Anderson on the set of his new movie How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. ‘The producer introduced me saying, “This is Simon. He did that thing about wanking over you in Spaced.” I was mortified. But she took it well.’

  • Russell Brand is facing up to the reality that he’ll have to cut his trademark hair if he wants to develop his movie career. ‘I can’t always play characters who have got stupid hair,’ he says. ‘It’s going to be restrictive.’

  • How far would you go for a joke? Probably not as far as comic Ray Peacock… Last week, he was driving his podcast pal Ed Gamble through London late at night, when his friend said he had a hankering for a McDonald’s cheeseburger. ‘No problem,’ said Peacock. ‘I know a 24-hour drive-through.’ So off they set, but Gamble promptly nodded off in the passenger seat. A couple of hours later he wakes up – and finds himself being driven down the motorway, no burger joint in sight. Peacock just kept driving, and driving, and driving, and driving – eventually pulling up at a Maccy D’s in Fife. Approximately 440 miles away. Gamble buys his cheeseburger, they turn the car around and drive the 440 miles back to London. And the even funnier thing? While Gamble was sleeping, Peacock snuck into a McDonald’s for a sly burger himself. Hear him tell the story in the final episode of his podcast on Chortle on Monday.

  • Matt Lucas has been wandering around Miami in giant naked fat suit, as he films Bubbles De Vere sketches for the new Little Britain USA.

  • What is it with this song? Earlier this week Chortle featured a link to Kristen Schall and Kurt Braunohler singing: ‘Kristen Schall is a horse’ at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Here:

    Well, they’re not the only ones doing it. Here’s Frank Sidebottom doing a different version of almost the exact same thing. Weird coincidence or what? Is it perhaps an old kids’ song Chortle’s never come across before? If you know the origins, let us know.

SOURCES: BBC Two, The Sun, Love It! Magazine, Chortle, Daily Telgraph, Chortle

Published: 23 May 2008

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