Ten Edinburgh shows from the Melbourne Comedy Festival | Fringe shows that have done well down under

Ten Edinburgh shows from the Melbourne Comedy Festival

Fringe shows that have done well down under

Preview of another ten shows coming to the Edinburgh Fringe… this batch all via the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Rhys Nicholson: Rhys! Rhys! Rhys!

Winner of this year’s most outstanding show at Melbourne, Rhys Nicholson’s blurb claim it was the show with the most laughs per minute – and given how turbocharged his arched delivery is, that seems very credible. The show’s about wondering if he’s ADHD, the stereotypes of gay men that still exist and various social bugbears… but mainly about him unloading in a fast and funny way….Our review from Melbourne. Underbelly Bristo Square 8.25pm

Laura Davis: If This Is It…

Another one of the most talked-about shows from the festival, this is an impassioned howl at the state of the world from a woman driven to the brink by a particularly gruelling lockdown. It’s slightly messy as so many experiences and opinions jostle for space, indicating just how much  she has to say and how urgent it is for her to say it. But the rawness is part of the authentic charm of a show that’s funny as well as thought-provoking, and which was also nominated for the big prize. Our review from Melbourne. Monkey Barrel Comedy at Carnivore, 4pm

Danielle Walker: Nostalgia

The third award nominee on this list, Walker actually won the Pinder Prize, honouring the late comedy producer John Pinder, which helps an Aussie performer get to Edinburgh. The assistance might be welcome as down under Walker performed in front of a full set evoking her childhood home. Her show is an anthology of stories about her oddball family, but in a way that celebrates their small-town eccentricities rather than mocking them. The result is a rich, witty tableau of a quirky, uncosmopolitan world world… Our review from Melbourne. Assembly George Square 3:35pm

Michelle Brasier: Average Bear

Death, injury and a grim health prognosis form the backdrop to Michelle Brasier’s show yet all is brought together in a celebratory spirit of life-affirming  fun, helped along by the songs performed with her powerful singing voice. Average Bear is ‘an ode to staring into the void and pulling a funny face’ our reviewer Patrick Horan said of its debut down under last year, awarding the coveted five stars. Our review from Melbourne   Assembly George Square 6:25pm

Garry Starr: Greece Lightning

Self-important thespian Garry Starr attempts to perform all of Greek mythology in less than 60 minutes, props and costumes and all, in a show doomed to collapse into chaos. This high-energy mash-up of theatrical styles won creator Damien Warren-Smith a best comedy award at the Adelaide Fringe, and chariots full of laurels for his madcap performance. Underbelly Cowgate, 8.55pm

Aboriginal Comedy All Stars

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival has catalysed a First Nations stand-up circuit down under, with initiatives such as its talent competition Deadly actively seeking to include those whose perspectives might not otherwise be heard there. Here four indigenous performers to have emerged from that drive – Sean Choolburra, Elaine Crombie, Kevin Kropinyeri and Jay Wymarra – share an hour-long bill, and their unique takes on life.  Assembly George Square, 5.20pm

Dan Rath: Cockroach Party

Socially inept Dan Rath plays up the tragic, loser outsider, taking to the stage in grubby tracksuit trousers and ancient T-shirt, giving the entirely accurate impression of a man who’s not going to be putting any glossy sheen on his misery. Yet his abject existence inspires one-liners that are as inventive as they are bleak, as he shares his despatches from the disaffected underclass. Our review from Melbourne  Assembly George Square 10.40pm

Alice Fraser: Chronos

As heard on The News Quiz – and The Bugle and Gargle podcasts – Alice Fraser has one of the most searching minds in Australian comedy. Chronos is another show of impressive scope, taking in intelligent ideas on technology, ego, parenting and so much more, all framed around a London to Glasgow train journey. But the smarts are concealed behind delightful jokes and genial good humour. Our review from Melbourne  Gilded Balloon Teviot, 9.15pm

Tom Walker: Javelin

More silly clowning from the inventive physical comedian, with a series of quickfire skits interspersed with a narrative about his professed obsession with the javelin –  ‘that most noble of pursuits: throwing something very far’. How apt, given the whole premise of this show is taking one idea very far. It’s all very daft, and he freely acknowledges. Our review from Melbourne   Assembly George Square 9.05pm

Tina Del Twist: Caravan in the Sky

This comedy-cabaret show won the Piece Of Wood award in Melbourne – an actual piece of Timber awarded by other comedians. Tina is an ‘old drunken lush who sings the blues’, in the words of her creator, Wes Snelling. In her sozzled, grouchy state, she has a tendency to to fall asleep in the middle of songs or get bolshie with her band.   Tina is also starring in The Kaye Hole, a ribald late-night show at Assembly Checkpoint, hosted by alt-cabaret star Reuben Kaye (whose own show is on at the same venue at 9.05pm).  Assembly Checkpoint 8pm

Published: 19 Jul 2022

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