| 20 questions: Guy Pratt

20 questions: Guy Pratt

Or rather 19 questions, due to an administrative error in what we sent to the bass player turned comedy anecdotalist…

How does it feel performing alone as yourself, rather than having a band and the music behind you?

Terrifying, and kind of more rewarding because the laughs and applause are mine – all mine!

Why did you choose the bass rather the guitar, which is surely much cooler?

It was that or get a Spanish guitar from my parents, which is way less cooler than either...

How accurate is Spinal Tap?


Who is the most egotistical star you’ve worked with, and why?

Andy Taylor from Duran Duran is the biggest star in the world.

And who is the nicest?

Phil Manzanera

What’s the most outrageous rider demand you’ve ever seen?

The people I work with are all pretty level headed in that department.

Do you get intimidated when you meet the likes of David Bowie or Madonna?


How weird is Michael Jackson?

Pretty f***ing weird.

Do people believe your stories are true?

Apart from the bloke who t thought I was a comedian who'd invented this character who was a bass player called Guy Pratt I think yes..

Are people more reluctant to employ you as a musician now they know you might talk about their foibles on stage?

I've never been busier.

If you could have played the bass line on any track ever, which one would it have been?

Won't Get Fooled Again.

And which contemporary band would you most like to perform with?

Are Radiohead still contemporary?

Who would you like to play you in a film of your life?

Ewan McGregor of course!

What do you think of musical comedians?

The best thing ever in the world ever.

If you had to chose between performing music, or performing these solo shows for the rest of your career, which would you go for?

These. But in the venues I play music in would be really nice..

What was your best experience at your last Fringe?

It was just a blur of laughter love and happiness.

And the worst?

The insane street performer who nearly crippled me when she kicked me in the calf with her steel toed pointy boots.

What one thing could make the Fringe better?

More hours in the day.

Apart from your own, what other show would you recommend?

Miles Jupp, Murray Lachlan Young.

  • Guy Pratt has just finished his run at the Underbelly.

Published: 26 Aug 2007

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