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Bo peeps

Avid Merrion creator Leigh Francis answers your questions

Why is your program called 'Bo Selecta'? Neil Courtis

It's obviously taken from Craig David's song Rewind. Originally it was going to be called Poppleganger, and then a show came out called that so we decided just to take Craig David's catchphrase and use that as the title. After a while Bo’ Selecta started to mean something else. To me it now means - man in a big rubber mask. It actually means Good DJ. Bo means good, Selecta is the DJ.

Playing so many characters as you do, do you ever wake up in the morning and think 'who the hell am I? Viv Darlington

No when I'm at home I'm just Leigh. Really normal, cupa tea and biscuits man. I say normal - I do dress up at home a lot. We have a fancy dress wardrobe; we have a lot of costume parties. When we're shooting the show though I sometimes slip up and do the wrong voice if I'm a bit tired.

How do you write the show - Are some of the scenes improvised? What would you say your comedy influences are? Edward Aczel

I write the show at home with Ben the producer/director. If he's laughing it goes in. If he's not I just keep talking till he does. I use the script as a blue print. Whatever I can remember I say and what I don't I just make it up. Obviously if its an interview with a guest you have your questions but you don't know what their reply is going to be so you're working on your feet. I like that though. Comedy influences? Vic and Bob, Mike Myers, Jim Carey, Andy Kaufman, Tom Green.

Has Kylie threatened to take out a restraining order on you yet? If not, when will you finally get to meet her? Lisa

Never met her. Have met her sister Danni. She’s very nice. If Kylie knows who I am I'm sure she knows its all just a joke. Or is it?

Which celeb would you love to do, but can't for legal reason? Nick Cogley

I can do anyone I want really, it's just who works really. If they have a certain look that you can replicate we do them. It's what you can and can't say when it's a legal matter.

Which character do you wish you'd never bothered creating? Mark Longden

I'm glad I did everyone. I like them all the show wouldn't be what it is without one of the characters. There are ones I prefer doing. Mostly the ones that are the most physically comfortable. Love being Keith Lemon. He's my favourite

Who would you most like to lock up in a cupboard? Richard McCarthy

The main one from the Pussycat Dolls

Hello to you, Do you think that Big Brother is past its sell by-date and is that why you gave the last series a wide berth? Anthony Martin

No I think it all depends on the housemates. Every year people say its past its sell by date but everyone watches it. We stopped doing it because by the time the show goes on DVD it's not topical anymore. It's great while you're on air but I don't think it works on the DVD that well.

How did you come about deciding that Avid would wear a neck brace? Lauren Butler

It was my mum’s. I thought she looked funny wearing it and I look a lot like my mum so I thought I'd also look funny wearing it. Simple as that really.

Do you find there's a difference between how the British and Americans react to your particular style of comedy? Michael Beck

No the Americans really liked it. Of course sometimes they don't know who the English celebs are that I'm doing. But in Bo! in the USA most of the masks are Americans anyway. I think Bo! is just like a live action cartoon.

Do you think Eddie Murphy spilt up with Mel B after someone showed him a copy of your portrayal of her? Steve

No not at all. I bet he's never seen it. I hope he has though, I think he's ace.

Do you think you might have to develop another, completely unrelated central character in order to push your comedy boundaries further? As an example, Sacha Baron Cohen wouldn't now get away with what he did in his movieJeff Lovegrove

The new idea that I'm working on how has nothing to do with Bo! All new characters, no masks, no Avid. Bo! was just one idea I had that worked well and now I think it's time to do something different. Not that I'll never do another Bo! Never say never.

Where in the world is your favourite road?Andy Craig

The one that leads to my house so I can go home to my lovely wife and two dogs, use my toilet and have a right good crap!

Avid Merrion: Bo In The USA is out on DVD now. Click here to order from Amazon.

Published: 17 Dec 2006

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