Does sex with a robot count as cheating on your partner? | Comics answer the quintessential Emergency Question from Richard Herring

Does sex with a robot count as cheating on your partner?

Comics answer the quintessential Emergency Question from Richard Herring

Apparently    Anna & Helen, Stuck in a Rat, Pleasance, 17:45

Depends if your partner is also a robot. If you’re dating a blender, then they’ve got to make allowances.   Luke Rollason's Infinite Content, Monkey Barrel, 12:00

Depends very much on the robot, with Megatron or Rosie from the Jetsons then yes, but with a vending machine or Matilda from Robot Wars no.   Colin Chadwick: Quick Thinker, Sneaky Pete's, 14:30

Dildos are a thing. Sex with a robot is just the next step... And we’re cool with it.    The Noise Next Door’s Comedy Lock-In, Pleasance, 22:50

Have you installed cameras in our dressing room?  Mat Morrisroe, Massaoke Mixtape, Assembly, 23:30

No, it counts as vandalism.     John Robertson, The Dark Room, Gilded Balloon, 21:15

Nope! Isn't that one of Asimov's laws of robotics? 1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.3. A robot must not tell your wife about any orders you make under the Second Law. ‘   Tom Cashman, XYZ,  Underbelly, 20:10

Of course, but C-3PO is on both me and my boyfriend's hall pass list    Eli Matthewson, An Inconvenient Poof, Underbelly, 21:20

Only if your sex life has droid up. Tom Clarkson & Owen Visser, Mr Thing, Pleasance Dome 10:20:00 pm

Until they're self-aware, they're just a sex machine. I wouldn't be mad at my partner for playing a with a dildo. Stick that on a human shape, it's still a dildo. Good for her. Enjoy your evening.    Eric Lampaert, Borne Of Chaos, The Counting House, 16:15

Why do you ask? Has a robot said something about me? Are they interested?!    Sophie Duker, Venus, Pleasance, 19:00

Depends on how sentient the robot is obviously. I think if you shag your Alexa speaker you're alright but if its a highly advanced AI robot then I reckon you're in murky waters (in relationship terms as well as just in general). Carl Donnelly:Shall We All Just Kill Ourselves? The SpiegelYurt 19:40 

Yes. Unless the robot looks like your sister. It which case it's also creepy. The Two Little Dickheads: Kapow Just The Tonic at The Charteris Centre, 10:40pm

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Published: 12 Aug 2019

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