Would it be better to never be able to say 'yes' or never be able to say 'no'? | Comics answer another of Richard Herring's Emergency Questions

Would it be better to never be able to say 'yes' or never be able to say 'no'?

Comics answer another of Richard Herring's Emergency Questions

Maybe.    Ali Brice, Bin Wondering, Heroes of Fringe, 17:00

As a big improv nerd, I have to be able to say yes. So I'd go with never saying no. But I'd fear for my personal safety. But a life of constant danger would be worth it for good improv scenes.     Flora Anderson, Romantic, Underbelly, 15:10

I feel like a yes-man in no-man’s-land answering this.    Lloyd Evans, Cherie - My Struggle, Imagination Workshop, The Principal Edinburgh, George Street, 10:30

I'd go with never being able to say 'yes',  just because that's easier to fix with double negatives. Although it would be annoying: ‘I don't NOT want a cup of tea Ted since you're asking, thanks mate.’ poor Ted'll be so confused bless him.    Jon Long, Planet-Killing Machine, Underbelly Bristo Square, 21:30

It would be much better to only be able to say yes. Oh the stories. That and I have major FOMO.     Robyn Perkins, Mating Selection, Underbelly (Bristo Square), 17:50

People who say "I’m learning to say no more" are the worst and are not to be trusted    Chris Parker, Camp Binch, Assembly, 18:50

I feel like British people have figured out how to say 'no' with 3 'yeses'. Future generations will probably eliminate negations all together.     Radu Isac: Good Excuses for Sociopaths, Just the Tonic, 20:30

We live in a world where ‘no’ isn't heard or understood enough, so maybe if we ban it and start a new word instead that might have more success?    John Pendal: Monster, Gilded Balloon, 19:45

Well you could always say 'know' and know-one would no the difference.    Anna & Helen, Stuck in a Rat, Pleasance, 17:45

I'm a socially awkward Irish person, I would love to say 'no'. I'd be happy to swap all my words for that and just say 'no' over and over again until I die due to refusing medical help or whatever.    Colin Chadwick: Quick Thinker, Sneaky Pete's, 14:30

Never being able to say yes. I really like staying home.     Sarah Keyworth, Pacific, Pleasance Courtyard, 17:45

As an improvisor, obviously 'yes and…’ is meant to be the most important thing but I kind of think we could get away with just 'and'.    Eli Matthewson, An Inconvenient Poof, Underbelly, 21:20

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Published: 11 Aug 2019

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