A ketamine dealer, a stalker... and John Leslie | The Big Ask: Who is the worst person you have met at the Fringe?

A ketamine dealer, a stalker... and John Leslie

The Big Ask: Who is the worst person you have met at the Fringe?

The person who gave me a flyer and a small tablet which I thought was a gimmick and a vitamin tablet. It may have been a gimmick, but it was not a vitamin tablet. Lisa Klevemark, Lemons, The Place, 12:30pm

Myself in the mirror at the end of week three. Scott Bennett, Leap Year, Just The Tonic At The Mash House, 17:55 (This was a very common theme among the answers)

A reviewer from a certain niche paper who started following me around and asking incredibly personal details about my family and where they lived and saying it was important for his review. 'Do you want my help or not mate?' he said. I was genuinely scared. Brett Goldstein, Brett Goldstein: What Is Love Baby Don't Hurt Me, Pleasance: Beneath, 19:00

Last year I met the person responsible for designing the new duty free layout at Stansted Airport having just said that I wished the person who designed the new duty free layout at Stansted Airport would someday be tortured to death. Having met him, I stand by what I said. Garrett Millerick, Garrett Millerick: Sunflower, Tron, 17:00

That guy who does the silent disco walking tours. And everyone who goes on the silent disco walking tours. Be crippled by shame like the rest of us. David McIver, David McIver Is a Nice Little Man, Opium, 14:30

A girl who propositioned my boyfriend when I was standing next to him holding his hand. That's dark isn't it, that's Love Island shit. Rebecca Humphries, Prom Kween, Assembly George Square, 21:05

When I was performing with comedy sketch group Kooky Babooshka a few years ago, it turned out we had a Jed-Maxwell-from-Alan-Partridge-style fan who had seen the show six times, stolen all our posters off the walls and put them up in his bedsit. Turns out I was his favourite. Lucky me. I still have a photograph with him somewhere and the fear in my eyes is palpable. Emmy Fyles, Live Your Best Life, Hanover Tap, 13:15

A lady in her 60s who had a bandaged hand and repeatedly 'joined in' during my show. She turned out to be a ketamine dealer and her hand was bandaged because she'd cut the end of her finger off and couldn't remember how. I know this because afterwards she waited around, explained all this then bought me a burger to apologise for ruining the show, which was something at least. Jim Campbell, Trampoline, Just the Tonic at The Mash House, The Cask Room, 17:05

I saw John Leslie once. I think he'd just been thrown out of Gary Le Strange's show for heckling, ████ing ████ and loudly ████ing ███ ████. That's a bit rum. And you may need to obscure that for legal reasons. Lloyd Langford, Lloyd Langford: Why The Big Face?, Banshee Labyrinth Cinema Room, 22:00

The bloke who left my show and said: 'Well, your flyerer was very good' Lee Kyle, Lee Kyle - Kicking Potatoes Into The Sea, City Cafe, 10:20

I can't name them as they're a big TV comedian but he was an utter tool and his behaviour was utterly embarrassing. Christian Talbot, Desperately Seeking Approval, Finnegan's Wake, 12:00

A guy who flyered at the same time as me each day. He only ever wore Y fronts and a cowboy hat. He used to talk to me over enthusiastically and I mean it when I say that I absolutely hated him. Lolly Jones, Fifty Shades of May, Assembly Roxy, 20:50

Katie Hopkins came into my show in 2015 to use the pub toilet if that counts Richard Wright, Richard Wright: Virgin, Just The Tonic @ The Mash House, 12:50

I met a guy who told me he was the only celebrity from Newport and had switched on their Christmas lights for the last 5 years. I printed out the list of who had actually done this and carried it around for 2 weeks until I saw him again and gave him the list. Nick Page, Yes, That Nick Page, Apparently, Just The Tonic at The Mash House, 16:50

My improv troupe, Racing Minds, seem to be disproportionately popular with Conservative MPs. I think we've had 3 come to the show, that I know of. We heard later that one of them turned to the person who had brought them, during a scene in which Michael Gove was revealing his true form and unleashing his vampire hordes on Britain, and asked, "Do they know I'm in?' 'No, it's often like this,' came the reply. Douglas Walker, Douglas Walker presents: Of Christmas Past, Underbelly Clover, 22:50

I can't remember but they were probably in a performers' bar. Laura Lexx, Trying, Gilded Balloon, 17:15

Published: 8 Aug 2018

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