Whose Twitters make you titter?

David Jesudason's guide to the best comedy Tweets

I suspect that a lot of the media’s coverage of Twitter puts people off using the social networking site. It’s pretty disinteresting to know that Stephen Fry is bored of Tweeting if you have no idea what a Tweetdeck is. However, I’ve found Twitter excellent for following comedians who are happy to share intimate details, insecurities, upcoming event information and even the occasional gag with you. So here’s who to follow and a few to shun, in my opinion:

David Schneider

The actor and comedian who once was forced to smell Alan Partridge’s cheese is a prolific Tweeter. The Gatling gun gags come quick and fast. Warning: be careful at work as laughing manically at your desk is a surefire way to a P45. Tweet example (on the postal strikes): “Royal Mail claim they turned up to arbitration talks but all they found was a red While You Were Out card from the union”.

Dara O Briain

Not a massive Mock The Week fan but O Briain is a consummate stand-up and his column in The Guardian is excellent (unless if you’re a Spurs fan). When it comes to Twitter he’s cerebral and friendly – he answers his fans’ Tweets on occasions – and is genuinely revealing: “Just met [Christopher] Walken. I said "Cowbell!", somewhat out of the blue. He just said "Cowbell" quietly, and smiled to himself. He wins that one.”

Mark Watson

The comedian and recent host of Buzzcocks shows a vulnerable side by recounting the highs and lows of being on the comedy circuit. Among the jokes were several Tweets alluding to the frustration of trying to get a book published. Serial nice guy O Briain came to the rescue with a soothing ReTweet. Tweet example: “Ah, 6pm. From now on, the descent into alcoholism can be disguised as gregariousness. Is there a sweeter hour?”

Charlie Brooker

The beauty of Twitter is a particular TV programme can be watched while tracking a funnyman’s Tweets. Unfortunately I wasn’t watching The Execution Of Gary Glitter on Monday but here’s one of Charlie Brooker’s Tweets: “'A repulsive act that flies in the face of our natural instinct' also describes Glitter's 70s performances”.

Peter Serafinowicz

Serial Twitterer who is happy to answer fans’ questions (usually before he goes to bed). Tweet example: “The postman just delivered my voicemail. Nice voice.”

Richard Herring

The comedian, writer and performer is just hovering around legendary status these days and isn’t one to disappoint his fans. “My new Kindle just arrived. Gone to store. First book recommended for me Joy of Gay Sex. What do they know about me?”

Kirstie Alley

Not a first choice for most British users but she’s (scarily) open and Tweets a lot. “tweeting while I"m driving 80 miles an hour...kidding...sheesh..I'm driving 60”

Katy Brand

Great gags and regular Tweets from the versatile actor. “I turned down a role in Calendar Girls - Kelly Brook is doing it now. She always gets my parts. And she nicked all my bikini design ideas.”

David Mitchell

What’s clean shirt up to? Being funny and insightful. “For those who asked, the opinion on "The Wire" expressed in Peep Show was Mark Corrigan's not my own. I, to my shame, have never watched it.”

Rainn Wilson

His skills – as Dwight Schrute – went largely unnoticed in the UK as The American Office was (wrongly) seen as a poor US clone. “At least 4 people tweeted in that they had dreams about me last night. I have entered your collective subconsciousnesses. Like Fred Kruger.”

Sharon Horgan

The star of Pulling was also excellent in the criminally underrated Annually Retentive and a good Tweeter, particularly about motherhood. “My 5yr old daughter got so excited when 'Dr Jones' by Aqua came on that she started bitch slapping the little girl she was dancing with”.


John Cleese

A bolt-on legend. Unfortunately the last funny thing he did was 20 years ago and featured a headmaster being late for a headmasters’ conference. He uses Twitter shamelessly as a marketing tool (although he’s not the only one): “If you are near Thousand Oaks, it is your duty to rush out and buy tickets to my show - or I'll never visit you again. So there.”

Bill Cosby

Childhood hero but he never answers my Cosby Show-related questions (oh how that rankles!). "The essence of childhood, of course, is play, which my friends and I did endlessly on streets that we reluctantly shared with traffic”. Insert Dr Hibbert-style laugh.

Simon Pegg

Not enough gags. Please try harder Mr Pegg. We all love you (despite one nameless comedian Tweeting: “I see Simon Pegg’s on Twitter the comedy content has just gone up by zero”). Example: “Failing that How To Lose Friends just started on Sky Premiere. You can witness a podgy, balding, middle age guy smooch with Megan Fox”.

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Published: 12 Nov 2009

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