Black Mirror will be back... eventually

Black Mirror will be back... eventually

Says Charlie Brooker

Charlie Brooker has confirmed that Black Mirror will be back for a third series – but said there had been 'a hitch, a slight delay' in bringing new episodes to the screen.

The series has previously run for two runs of three episodes – but Brooker says the broadcast of the third batch will be split.

Speaking to his 10 O'Clock Show co-presenter Lauren Laverne on her 6 Music show today, Brooker confirmed: 'There’s definitely going to be more...

'There’s going to be some and then there’s going to be some more – you’ll get one helping and then there’ll be another helping.'

But he added that the hold-up presented an unwelcome problem for his darkly futuristic series, as reality caught up with his fiction.

'The frustrating thing about there being a delay a show like that is that quite often, the things you’re writing about then come true,' he said. 'I’ve noticed that there was an idea I had, and there’s something very similar that seems to have happened in real life.

'I don't want to jinx it by saying what it is, but I have to go away and think [of how to resolve it].'

Brooker was speaking to promote his new series of Wipe, which starts on BBC Two at 10pm tonight.

Posted: 9 Jan 2014

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