Andrew O’Neill is to make his own stand-up show for Radio 4. The two-part series is titled Pharmacist Baffler, after one of his preferred terms for his transvestitism, and will tackle the topic of sexuality. He said: ‘The trans stuff is all from my own experience, the sexuality stuff is more of an exploration, because I am fairly boringly straight.

CHANNEL 4 has escaped censure from TV watchdogs Ofcom for airing an episode of The Simpsons containing the word 'bastard' at 6pm.

Comedy double act Croft & Pearce are to have their own series on Radio 4.

EDDIE IZZARD is to play a one-off gig at the Edinburgh Fringe next week.

The comedy week aheadTodayRADIO: To mark the 75th anniversary of its first transmission, Radio 4 Extra begins a run of one of the most popular radio series in British history.

Edinburgh Fringe

Fast Fringe

Wednesday July 30

Line-up: Mark Watson, Margaret Thatcher Queen Of Soho, Marcel Lucont, Tom Allen, East End Cabaret, Tom Deacon, Jay Foreman, Joel Dommett, Dan Nightingale, Tom Price, MC Ray Peacock. 18:40 Pleasance Dome. Tickets.

Laugh track

What music do you come on to an why?

Any music that features the brown note. This is an incredibly deep sound that resonates with the human bowel and makes people spontaneously self-feculate. That way my audience know how I'm feeling. Tom Price, Pleasance Courtyard 21:30

The Big Ask

How many times do you try a joke before you admit defeat and bin it?

I admit defeat quite quickly but I never bin it, as often a failed joke from years ago pops into my head in relation to a new story or bit and suddenly works great.

Have you done anything to combat the 40-minute lull?

Not consciously. But I have noticed that too much caffeine before a show helps me at the start, but can exaggerate the 40 minute lull in my own mind because I am crashing.

Who would you recommend to see other than me?

David O'Doherty never let's you down, and I could name more, but the truth is I am in Beijing right now and I haven't even engaged with the Edinburgh programme yet.

Live Comedy

Gig Of The Day

Norwich Playhouse

Tour warm-up with support from Mike Gunn

Lee Mack: Hit The Road Mack

From 20:00

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Milton Jones

Crawley The Hawth

Thursday 26th Feb From 20:00

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