Mickey D: Shame 101

Note: This review is from 2007

Review by Steve Bennett

Shame 101 is rather an ironic title for this show, as it quickly emerges that Mickey D has none. He farts, wanks, shits and eats his own snot – then is happy to tell a roomful of strangers about it.

No. More than that. He positively revels in talking about it. His delight in bodily emissions verges on the messianic, as he adopts an evangelical zeal towards spreading the word about every embarrassing thing he’s ever done. He’s the Pope of knob gags.

It’s this unfettered passion that elevates Shame 101 above the simple catalogue of below-the-belt gags it threatens to be. Don’t be afraid to communicate is the subtext; embarrassment stifles us all.

Mickey himself doesn’t hold back, on his delivery as well as his subject matter. He powers through the show with a supercharged energy, literally clambering over the furniture and infecting everyone with the same passion for his unpalatable subject that he has. This might not be especially clever comedy, but his joyous, frisky attitude creates a raucous atmosphere that nurtures unabashed laughter.

He’s like a naughty mate who leads you into pranks, after convincing you that it’s the right thing to do – even though you know in your heart it’s not. It’s the same with the gags here. Despite what he says, you know all his escapades are embarrassing – they wouldn’t be so funny if they weren’t – his chutzpah in admitting them all provides the chuckles.

He very occasionally tries a bit too hard. A segment on a colonic irrigation he underwent – and freely admits he did only for material – seems to break the spirit of authenticity; but it’s only a minor bump in an otherwise breakneck ride into his humiliation, culminating in his ultimate disgrace: working in a fast-food restaurant.

This show marks an Australian homecoming for Mickey after eight months working the UK circuit, and his hometown of Adelaide welcomed him back with an award at last month’s Fringe festival. You can see why he deserved it. KFC is just going to have to get by without him from now on…

Reviewed by: Steve Bennett
Melbourne, April 2007

Review date: 1 Jan 2007
Reviewed by: Steve Bennett

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