'This is one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever seen...'

Isy Suttie chooses her comedy favourites

The Lonely Island – Just 2 Guyz

They’re more well known for Dick In A Box, but Just 2 Guyz is my favourite video of The Lonely Island’s – the sketch trio who worked on Saturday Night Live and have produced loads of brilliantly funny and original songs, music videos and sketches.

They met at high school and I think you can tell because they have such ease with each other and are all just such natural clowns. Also their other work is brilliant: Jorma Taccone recently appeared in Girls and Andy Samberg alongside Greg Davies in Cuckoo.

Just 2 Guyz was the first thing of theirs I watched so it has a special place in my heart. When I was a poor graduate, me and my housemates all used to crowd round our one computer, do dial up, then get this video up and watch it again and again. I think the best line is the one about Steve when they’re all in the pool, because it’s so unexpected. I also love how much fun they’re having.

Peter Serafinowicz as Robert De Niro

Peter Serafinowicz’s acting masterclasses (he plays loads of different famous actors carrying out masterclasses) are all total gems, so it’s hard to pick one, but I love the Robert de Niro one, perhaps because I’ve seen a lot of De Niro films. In fact the other day we watched De Niro’s King of Comedy then had to immediately watch this video, like pudding.

So often impressions just stop there, but with Serafinowicz not only is the impression spot on, the writing’s wonderful and the overall effect with all the students thrown in is so funny.


I absolutely love the film Bridesmaids – it’s so on the money, it captures all the different characters so precisely and nothing feels bolted on. I think because I love the characters so much from the get go, and they seem real, scenes which would normally make me gross out just seem part of their merry adventure, like the food poisoning one – don’t watch within half an hour of eating anything!

Big Train: Tim Bishop!

This is one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever seen because it’s like a short film and I wish it was a feature. I don’t know how they came up with it but for me it works on every level. Who is Tim Bishop? Give him his own series! I know Big Train was ages ago, but, c’mon!

The best line for me is: ‘Oh yes…the shit puppies’.

Nathan Barley Sex Rap

Nathan Barley gets me every time and I’ve watched each episode loads. I think he’s such an adorable character because he’s so vulnerable, and that Claire Keelan is perfect opposite him.

In this scene, Nathan ends up in bed with Claire, and starts rapping. The reason it works so well is because it comes out of the genuine awkwardness of the situation, which is something most people can identify with, and you’re really rooting for them and you want to grab Nathan and say, ‘Stop rapping!’ My favourite line is: ‘Soon I’ll be showing you my aaaah face!’

Alan Partridge Owl Sanctuary

There are so many Partridge moments to pick from. I chose the one where he takes Jill to the owl sanctuary because from ‘I’m batman’ onwards, I’m in heaven.

I love how they’re flirting so openly – it’s like by commenting on their flirting, they’re flirting even more. And the lovely shot with the owl between them at 1:32, as if the owl wants to fly away, but can’t.

The bit where he tries to sing is brilliant, her reaction to his ‘birds on death row’ bit, and the ending is divine – I just think it’s so beautifully structured and downright hilarious.

‘Jill will be sleeping with me tonight.’
‘I don’t recall saying that!’
‘Oh come on.’
‘Yeah alright then.’

I love his impatience at, ‘Oh come on’, and the way she considers it then says, ‘Yeah alright then’.


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Published: 2 Apr 2013

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