Roseanne Barr Q&A

Roseanne Barr is coming to London's Leicester Square Theatre this Tuesday and Wednesday. To promote the dates, she answered - very briefly - these questions for us.

You must be rich enough from the sitcom, why did you come back to stand-up?

I do what I feel like doing and not what I have to do.

What will you be talking about in London?

I will be telling about 250 well-written jokes, and doing it with great craft and style.

Is it more difficult to do stand-up when you are successful? Is there a risk you can't relate to your audience, and they to you?

No… and No, again. Funny is funny

Is there any difference between a British audience and an American one?

Mark Twain said that we're two peoples separated by a common language. But seriously, folks….I don't know yet!

Comedy's obviously given you an outlet for your opinions and anger. Where do you think you would be if you hadn't got into comedy?

An opinionated, angry something else.

Would you be happier if you weren't famous?

How should I know?

Do you have any regrets for things you've said or done?

Like all humans I do. Consenting to this interview, possibly.

You're a prolific blogger. Do you think of the current compulsion for everyone to share their views and their activities on the internet is healthy?

It's only healthy if they also act on their beliefs in the real world.

There's a lot of politics in your blog. What do you think of the candidates?

I see Obama as slightly less creepy and evil than McCain. I think the constant campaigning detracts from reality.

You had a reputation for being almost impossibly demanding/difficult to work with on Roseanne. Was that image justified? And if so, do you with you'd behaved differently, or think that was the only way to stand up for yourself?

Yes I had a vision and was determined to see it through and could not be bought off, or forced to capitulate.

Are you calmer now? If so, has that had an effect on your work?

I am more focused in my life and therefore in my work.

What advice could you give to any comics starting out today?

Be funny.

Do you have any ambitions left?

Yes, I find myself driven, almost feverishly, to follow the burning desire to do as little as possible.

What makes you laugh?

These questions.

Published: 20 Oct 2008

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