Micky Flanagan pilots a sitcom

Micky Flanagan pilots a sitcom

About his own life

Micky Flanagan is to pilot on a new sitcom, based on his life as an 'East End boy done good'.

He said he has written a script of a show which could be named after himself.

Talking on BBC Breakfast to promote his new stand-up DVD Back In The Game, Flanagan said: 'I've been sitting down writing the first drafts of a sitcom which I want to do.

'It's going to be purely based on me. I didn't want to expand beyond that. I know myself. Write about what you know.'

Presenter Bill Turnbull asked: 'Is it going to be called Micky?', and Flanagan replied: 'It might be. We might go a bit further than that but, yeah, probably as simple as that.

He added: 'It's about my life now, living where I do in Dulwich [South London]. I don't want to be somebody else I can only play myself.'

Asked if it was 'about an East End boy who makes good and then eats organic food and stuff?', Flanagan said: 'Yes, and then occasionally pops to KFC for a treat, that's the idea.'

A pilot will be filmed in the New Year, but Flanagan gave no details about which channel it may be for.

Flanagan previously signed a two-year deal to develop shows exclusively for Channel 4, but that has now expired.

Here is the full interview:

Posted: 18 Nov 2013

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