Inbetweeners remake cancelled

MTV: Such a talented, funny cast

The American remake of the Inbetweeners has been cancelled.

MTV has decided not to renew the high-school sitcom for a second series, after it failed to capture the imagination of viewers.

In a statement, the broadcaster said: ‘While we won’t be moving forward with another season of The Inbetweeners, we enjoyed working with the show's creators and such a talented, funny cast.’

The half-hour series launched in August, when it attracted nearly 1 million viewers, and ended earlier this month with around 600,000.

Actor Zack Pearlman, who played Jay Cartwright, wrote on his blog: 'This was a crazy experience, but one that I will always be able to look back at and smile knowing that we did a fantastic job.

‘Now, I can be upset, but why be? I am so fortunate to be in this business (especially with this face) and be working.’

The show – which also starred Joey Pollari, Bubba Lewis and Mark L. Young – ran for 12 episodes.

Posted: 29 Nov 2012

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