Frank Skinner to be a dad at 55

He breaks news to radio listeners

Frank Skinner has told his radio listeners that is to become a father at the age of 55.

On Absolute Radio today, Skinner cleared his throat and said sombrely: 'I have something of an announcement to make...I'm going to be a father.'

Co-presenter Alun Cochrane congratulated him, but asked: 'Are you paranoid of any jokes you've made about ageing fathers in the past?'

Skinner, who has just became the host of BBC2's Room 101, replied: 'The way I'm seeing it is that I probably won't have to deal with those difficult teenage years.'

He added: 'I've already made certain pledges. It means I'll be up for the show a lot earlier and things like that and what I'm saying to the listeners is - get knitting.'

Skinner is expecting the child with long-term partner Cath Mason, a comedy agent.

Posted: 28 Jan 2012

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