Comics with altitude

Record for highest stand-up show

A trio of comics including Ireland’s Des Bishop have broken the record for the world’s highest comedy performance.

Bishop, along with Australian acts Dave Hughes and Dave Thornton, staged a stand-up show on a jet between Sydney and Melbourne today.

The 10,000m-high stunt was staged by radio station Nova 100 in a bid to promote the Melbourne comedy festival. Guinness World Records are now studying the bid to see if it is eligible.

Hughes told The Age newspaper: ‘They told me not to do any terrorist jokes or plane crash jokes. They are pretty weary of us freaking out everybody on the plane. Commonsense tells me I can't go too far.’

The trio delivered their gags through the in-flight system usually used by the crew to issue safety warnings, with Bishop performing his rap history of Australia.

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Posted: 26 Mar 2010

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