Andrew O’Neill is to make his own stand-up show for Radio 4. The two-part series is titled Pharmacist Baffler, after one of his preferred terms for his transvestitism, and will tackle the topic of sexuality. He said: ‘The trans stuff is all from my own experience, the sexuality stuff is more of an exploration, because I am fairly boringly straight.

EDDIE IZZARD is to play a one-off gig at the Edinburgh Fringe next week.

The comedy week aheadTodayRADIO: To mark the 75th anniversary of its first transmission, Radio 4 Extra begins a run of one of the most popular radio series in British history.

Birmingham is getting a new weekly comedy club, in a lap dace and strip club.

American comic Andy Kindler has savaged Ricky Gervais as 'despicable' during his annual State Of The Industry address.

Edinburgh Fringe

Fast Fringe

Wednesday July 30

Line-up: Mark Watson, Margaret Thatcher Queen Of Soho, Marcel Lucont, Tom Allen, East End Cabaret, Tom Deacon, Jay Foreman, Joel Dommett, Dan Nightingale, Tom Price, MC Ray Peacock. 18:40 Pleasance Dome. Tickets.

Laugh track

What music do you come on to an why?

Graceland, by Paul Simon, because it's one of my favourite songs, and because most of my best material is nicked off tribesmen I met on my gap year... Ivo Graham, Pleasance 20:15

The Big Ask

Three key attributes of a good gig?
Lights, pointing at stage.
Sound system that works.
Audience pointing right way.
After that, it's all up to you.
(OK, that's four things. Comedians are very demanding).

Three key attributes of bad gig?
Organisers insist on two-minute silence immediately before show for colleagues recently killed in war zone.

Live Comedy

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Milton Jones

Lincoln Engine Shed

Thursday 19th Mar From 20:00

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