Adrian Edmondson says he finds stand-up ‘immensely dull’ – and doesn’t understand the appeal. ‘I don’t know why people bother going to watch it, he said in an interview with today’s Observer: ‘You can have wittier conversation around a dinner table. ’Edmondson says he never considered himself a comedian and said he doesn’t know what people are thinking when they attend gigs.

Rufus Hound has left the West End production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

An autopsy has revealed that Joan Rivers was sedated before she died of low blood oxygen during a medical procedure.

America is going to have another bash at remaking the IT Crowd.

Inbetweeners star Joe Thomas is shooting an 'eco-rom-com' in Glasgow.

LEE EVANS and Jon Richardson are to release stand-up DVDs this Christmas, it has been confirmed.

Producer David Johnson is to ban Daily Telegraph comedy critics from his gigs after the website covered a charity gig by printing the top 5 jokes out of any context.

Comedian Tommy Rowson and Uncle producer Izzy Mant are among the winners of a Bafta competition to find Britain's most promising new comedy writers.

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