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Mark Allen's Go Slow

Mark Allen's Go Slow

Show type: Edinburgh Fringe 2010

Have you ever found yourself swearing at dawdling strangers? Or having futile tantrums at non-moving transport? Is the relentless pace of modern life making you strop and huff like a petulant child? Me too.

That’s why I staged a one-person Go Slow for an entire month. I used stairs instead of lifts, wrote letters instead of emails and took two bottles into the shower. But by removing my obsession with timesaving did I become less of a time-addled stress-bag? Or did I just feel ostracised from society and go a bit mental?

This show explores what happens when you stop rushing around like a caffeine-addled hummingbird and take a moment to slow down. The results are most surprising and I’d like to share them with you.

NB - In the spirit of going slow, this show will run for an hour and a half rather than the usual hour. Feel free to bring a flask of tea - I'll provide the biscuits.


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