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No One Has Ever Complained Before

No One Has Ever Complained Before

Show type: Edinburgh Fringe 2006

Directed by Logan Murray. Teresa Jenning transports us to an Ireland free from contra-rebels, contra-payments and especially contraception. Zany, wacky, versatile, a one woman show that makes an hour seem like 60 minutes (of fun!).



Original Review:


And I don't think anyone will complain now. Actress Teresa Jennings is very personable, very jolly and has great audience control.

Her show is a pleasant hour, but a bit waffly and random. There is a half-hearted attempt to give it some shape by establishing that she wanted to trace a childhood dancing partner from Ireland ­ so talking about dating agencies and so on - but this is mostly forgotten along the way.

Basically, this is a meandering anecdotal show in which Jennings is prepared to go with the flow, telling a latecomer we have just been discussing our sexual problems and they're next, talking to audience members in true stand-up comedy mode.

I'm a sucker for stories of Ireland in the Sixties, but 'lay off the nuns', I thought. I'm all nunned-out at this year's Fringe.

Teresa is a straight actress who, away from the Fringe, has played Joan of Arc, sings jazz, performed as music hall star Vesta Tilley and lives in a houseboat on the Thames. I guess she would be a nice person to have Sunday afternoon tea with, as this show is simply a pleasant interlude with an amiable person.

John Fleming



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