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The Boy Who Cried Whale

The Boy Who Cried Whale

Show type: Edinburgh Fringe 2005

A sketch show about triumph over adversity... about triumphant people triumphing over adverse things triumphantly with scenes of prolonged triumph.




Original Review:

Very variable sketch show carried along on pure energy, pace and a fair smattering of excellent writing and good performances.

There is a failed attempt to link the separate sketches together with threads including a character called Steve Hitler. This fails, but at least they tried to get round the 'bittyness' problem of sketch shows.

The only non-originality I spotted was nicking one line from W. C.  Fields – but, OK, if you're going to steal, steal from the best.

The five-person Los Albatross ensemble are based in Dublin and have spent the last three years performing in Ireland. The experience shows.

Two performers shine out: James Walmsley as the party-loving Russian President and as an OTT Lionel Bart-style singing Cockney. And Shane O'Brien as a squeaky street urchin pulled from some schmaltzy Thirties Hollywood movie.


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