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Slovin and Allen: The Imperial Highway

Slovin and Allen: The Imperial Highway

Show type: Edinburgh Fringe 2002

A comedy duo from New York City, combine a traditional vaudevillian sensibility with their unique brand of anarchic absurdity. The 'Imperial Highway' exhibits Slovin and Allen's desperate attempt to participate in every play known to man.



Original Review:

This adventurous New York-based duo have produced a clever, innovative and brilliantly funny show.

By subverting the conventions of comedy, they genuinely wrong-foot the audience, harvesting laughs from every unexpected twist.

They are into wordplay - not puns, but actually playing with language, as well as the form and structure of comedy.

Don't worry if that sounds a bit poncey - there are also lashings of stupid slapstick too. And it's all underpinned with a neat satirical thread on festivals and awards.

In fact, there are few comedy styles they don't employ, and each is given a fresh and original slant, with unfailingly fantastic results.

This anarchic mixture of sketches and double-act banter is so offbeat, it's often difficult to pinpoint exactly why it is funny. But funny it undoubtedly is.

Some of the skits do take a little time to build up steam, but that only fuels the hilarious pay-offs. And they have perfect timing - the pair even have the digital clock to prove it.

Something of an undiscovered treasure, the lads aren't attracting the audiences their assured brilliance deserves. But this is a real treat of a show - different, funny and warm - and if there's any justice this talented duo won't remain unknown for long.


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