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Steve Sheehan's little comidy projec

Steve Sheehan's little comidy projec

Show type: Adelaide Fringe 2007

Following last year's Fridge success, this mini on-your-way-somewhere-else show combines standup comidy with clown.



Original Review:

Steve Sheehan may have one of the shortest shows of the Fringe – programmed to run a remarkably precise 41 minutes – but it’s also one of the quirkiest.

His wit is as dry as the Great Sandy Desert, languidly delivering original, offbeat one-liners that stretch ideas – and reality – as far as possible.

In his strange mind, he imagines an ant to be a tiny dog, injures his mother, and embarks on a full-blown relationship with a chicken. He’ll even bash himself over the head with a drink carton, then put it in context to give good reason why it’s funny.

Even on the rare occasions he tackles something others might also have done – a literal interpretation of the phrase ‘not enough room to swing a cat,’ for instance – he approaches it from his own oblique angle, always keeping the audience guessing where the punchline is coming from.

Not everything works – when you’re being this experimental and this deliberate in your rhythm, it won’t – but there are more ideas packed into this 41 minutes than many comics have in a decade.

Reviewed by: Steve Bennett
March 2007

Date of review: Mar 2007


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