It's Jimmy Bar

Carr's head gets a new use in WTF: Weekly Trivia File

  • ‘Everything the Pub Landlord says is mental rubbish’ Al Murray.

  • Jimmy Carr’s head is to become a bar. A 14ft replica, made for a Walker’s crisps advert has been sold to the Wickerman Festival, which takes place in the Scottish borders at the end of July, and will be used to serve beer. It cost £70,000 to make the head, whihc has a back-door entrance with stairs into his forehead, and has spent the last year in the architectural salvage yard Ribble Reclamation in Preston. The owners paid £2,000 for it, and previously tried to sell it on eBay, but it failed to make a reserve of £1,200. ‘It was definitely for a niche market,’ said a spokesman for the salvage yard...

  • Can anyone explain to us what the the disclaimer on some Fringe listings ‘contains some moderate language’ actually means? Do all the other shows only use extreme language?

  • Serves him right? Prankster Dom Joly has been victim of a prank himself. He was so angry to find a parking ticket on his car that he posted a picture of it on Twitter with the message: ‘Come back to my legally parked car in Cheltenham to find this - livid.’ Only when the comic flipped the sign over, did he realisedit was a fake. ‘I was properly tricked for first time in years,’ he admitted. ‘Well done whoever did it.’

  • Sacha Baron Cohen has hired Denmark’s top comics Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam, who starred in the hit series Klovn, to help write his upcoming film The Lesbian. The movie is based on Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao, who offered $64 million to any man who could convince his lesbian daughter to marry him.

  • Milton Berle's joke file, with thousands of typewritten gags on index cards, sold for nearly $65,000 in Los Angeles this week – about four times what was expected.

  • One of Britain’s only alcohol-free theatres is to install a temporary bar – just because Al Murray is playing there. The Babbacombe Theatre, Torquay, was built as a concert hall in 1939 without a bar, and building restrictions have prevented them from adding one. However, fear of disappointing the Pub Landlord drove owner Colin Matthews to seek out a special licence for Murray’s sold-out Only Way Is Epic show tonight. Matthews said: ‘We decided to do this as Al's audience are likely to expect beer and the fact we don't have any may prove problematic, most especially as much of Al's act revolves around it. We are out to impress!’

  • New comic Fern Brady is literally selling off body parts to fund her Fringe show. A lock of her hair costs $50, a rotten tooth $100 and $2,796. She’s seeking $2,000 on crowdfunding site FundAnything – and has so far raised precisely zilch.

  • If you hate seeing racist comedians bomb at open mic nights... you’d better not watch this:

  • Seems one of last week’s Tweets of the week wasn’t entirely original. We picked James Martin’s (aka @Pundamentalism) for his post: ‘There's a party in my pants! Unfortunately it's UKIP.’ But it seems that was posted as long ago as October 2011 by Margaret Caborn-Smith. Sanjeev Kohli and comedy writer David Quantick have also tweeted it. Great minds?

  • Tweets of the week
    Joe Randazzo (@Randazzoj:): A nonreturning boomerang? Just throwing that out there.
    Robin Ince (@robinince): Bertrand Russell's In Praise of Idleness is so well-written I've never finished it.
    Glenn Moore (@heNewsAtGlenn): Has anyone else tried buying those conveyor belt dividers at supermarket checkouts? It's so hard.

  • Published: 10 May 2013

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