Top-class cast for school sitcom

Walliams, Tate and Glenister go to Big School

David Walliams is to star alongside Catherine Tate and Philip Glenister in a new school-based sitcom

The BBC One show – provisionally titled Big School – has an all-star cast which also includes Frances de la Tour, Joanna Scanlan and Daniel Rigby.

Walliams has co-written the six-part series with The Dawson Brothers, and the show revolves around dysfunctional staff and unrequited love at Greybridge School.

The Little Britain star will play forty-something chemistry teacher Mr Church; Tate plays the school’s enthusiastic new recruit Miss Postern, a French teacher who has never actually been to France.

Life on Mars star Glenister plays the lothario gym teacher; Rising Damp’s De la Tour is the no-nonsense plain-speaking headmistress; Scanlan is interfering drama teacher Mrs Klebb, and Rigby will play Mr Martin, the mod-like music teacher who desperately wants to be mates with the kids and still clings to his dream of becoming a rock star.

The cast also includes Steve Speirs – who plated Dullard in Extras – as Mr Barber, the pessimistic geography teacher who’s counting down the days until he can retire.

Mark Freeland, the BBC’s head of in-housecComedy said: ‘It's an absolute privilege to work with such a brilliant cast and off screen production team. Like my Latin GCSE, nothing can go wrong. At least that's what I thought at the time.’

Filming will begin soon in Greater London.

Posted: 28 Mar 2013

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