Enough to make Misery Bear smile...

His creators land US deal

The creators of the Misery Bear online comedy shorts have signed a deal to develop a new comedy show for America’s Fox network.

Nat Saunders and Chris Hayward are now working on a script for All Grown Up, which is described as a ‘Toy Story – 15 years later’ in the hope of bringing it to the screen,

According to Hollywood industry website Deadline, the series revolves around a young man who gets fired, moves back in with his parents and gets back on his feet with the help of his childhood toys that come to life.

It has already been compared to Ted, the first live-action movie from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, which had a similar premise.

On Twitter, Saunders revealed they must write a script before Christmas but said: ‘Even then, there's no guarantees.’

The Misery Bear shorts began in 2008, with several films commissioned for the BBC Comedy website. Here’s a Halloween episode which attracted more than 1million views:

Posted: 29 Oct 2012

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