Ross Noble: I'm writing a movie

After his acting debut, his first screenplay

Ross Noble is writing his first feature film.

The comic says his experiences of making the new low-budget horror movie Stitches – in which he plays a murderous zombie clown – have given him the impetus to try to get his own project off the ground.

Noble admitted in a Chortle interview to promote this week’s release: ‘I have started writing a film, yeah.’

And although he refused to be drawn on too much detail, he also said: ‘I love the genre stuff. I love the horror, sci-fi, all of that...’

The comic said he’d previously been daunted by the scale of the obstacles in getting a film from script to screen – but had been inspired by the fact director Conor McMahon had got Stitches out on general release.

He said: ‘You can be a massive film fan, and go, "I'd love to do films." But even thinking about getting a film vaguely made is such an enormous thing. And then once it's made, to get it into cinemas, too.

‘But seeing this film make it to get a proper release in cinemas, I just look at that and go, "You know what? Bollocks to it...”’

Posted: 23 Oct 2012

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