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STV taken in by fake Rowan Atkinson tweet claiming Blackadder would return

Scottish ITV broadcaster STV has fallen for a fake Twitter account claiming that Blackadder was due to return.

The channel’s website reported that Rowan Atkinson had tweeted on his official feed that a final episode was being made.

However a cursory glance at the account might have revealed some doubts. It was only set up on Monday, does not have Twitter’s ‘blue tick’ confirming a genuine account and has a teenage obsession with trying to boost his followers.

Posts made after STV and other media outlets reported the ‘news’ would certainly have been out-of-character for the famously private, Atkinson.

They included: ‘Ok Twitter folks - Let's get the return of Blackadder trending’; ‘Retweet this if you're looking forward to the #ReturnOfBlackadder’ and ‘I'm going to be following a few of you who can help make this happen.’

Posted: 5 Aug 2012

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