Did Facebook ban Chris Lilley?

Claim over Angry Boys 'sneaky nuts' post

Australian comedian Chris Lilley claims he has been banned from Facebook - after posting a picture of one of his characters exposing a testicle.

The Summer Heights High creator posted a picture of his characterNathan striking a 'sneaky nuts' pose - one of the catchphrases of his Angry Boys series, which was screened on BBC Three last summer.

He tweeted to his 100,000 Twitter followers yesterday: 'Banned from Facebook cause someone reported a nuts pic' - and gave fans alternative ways of following him.

The post prompted a flurry of follow-ups using the #FreeChrisLilleysNuts hashtag. One fan, Nick Milligan , wrote: 'I support Chris Lilley's right to put his nuts on Facebook. He has earned it through making quality television.'

However, Lilley's Facebook page - complete with 158,000 'likes' still appears to be intact. And although no 'sneaky nuts' photo appears on the page, a gallery featuring more than 250 crude cock-and-ball drawings is still visible to visitors.

Here is the 'sneaky nuts' phenomenon explained:

Posted: 16 Jun 2012

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