Armstrong & Miller plan new sitcom

...set in the world of temps

Armstrong & Miller are developing a sitcom about ‘slacker’ office temps.

The pair are working on the project with new writers Louis Waymouth and Jamie Lennox, who previously created The Very Real Adventures of Batman and Robin for the ComedyBox website.

Ben Miller told trade magazine Broadcast: ‘It's about that period in your life when everything is temporary - you've just left university and can't get a job and you're forced to temp.’

Alexander Armstrong added: ‘Each week will end with them getting the sack from whatever they're doing, so the environment changes with each episode. There's a lovely potential there from a wide-ranging comedy base.’

The show is being developed by the pair's independent production company Toff Media.

They are also working on an animated children's show set in the world of music.

Posted: 10 Sep 2008

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