'Fairy' on top of the tree

Carr's DVD makes No1

Alan Carr has overtaken Billy Connolly to become the bestselling stand-up DVD in Christmas week.

The Friday Night Project star's debut release, Tooth Fairy, has now sold 340,000 copies, according to the publisher.

The price of stand-up DVDs have now been slashed in the post-Christmas sales, with Tooth Fairy now just £6.99 in HMV. Similar cuts have been applied to Jimmy Carr and Russell Brand's top ten titles.

The top-selling stand-up DVDs last week are (with pre-Christmas positions in brackets)

  1. Alan Carr: Tooth Fairy (2)

  2. Billy Connolly: Was It Something I Said (1)

  3. Ricky Gervais: Fame (4)

  4. Peter Kay: Stand Up Ukay (3)

  5. Russell Brand: Doing Life (6)

  6. Jimmy Carr: Comedian (7)

Here's a clip from Tooth Fairy:

Posted: 31 Dec 2007

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