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Alfie Moore

Alfie Moore

Sheffield-born Alfie Moore served an apprenticeship in the steelworks before joining the police in 1992, aged 24. In 2008, he began stand-up with a show at the Edinburgh Fringe, based on his years on the beat.

Contestant in 2011 ITV reality/talent series Show Me The Funny

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Mobile: 07722 064424

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Original Review:

Full-time policeman and part-time comic, Alfie Moore is more of an anecdotalist than a comedian, but his profession has provided him with more than enough raw material.

Though a relative rookie, he has a nice, relaxed style – a roomful of strangers perhaps one of the lesser intimidations he’s faced – which combines with the inherent interest in the on-the-job stories to make him someone you just want to listen to.

With few actual punchlines – a run-through of some Lidl brand names notwithstanding – the standard ten-minute slot for newish acts such as Moore doesn’t seem enough to hear all of his experiences and thoughts on political-correct policing.But wanting to hear more from a new comedian is no bad thing.

There’s no way of escaping this conclusion: he’s an arresting storyteller. Date of review: Oct 2008



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