Spaced movie? Let's do it!

Jessica Hyndes 'very up for' sitcom upgrade

A movie version of Spaced could be hitting cinemas – if co-creator Jessica Hynes has her way.

The actress said she would be ‘very up for’ turning the sitcom into a film if Simon Pegg and director Edgar Wright were game.

She added that she was in contact with Pegg and said ‘nothing’s out of the question’ – even more TV episodes.

Hynes was speaking to London listings magazine Time Out to promote her first ever stand-up appearance next Wednesday.

She said she wasn’t especially nervous about her appearance at the benefit for children’s charity NCH, and even said: ‘I would love to do more stand-up. The idea is that I’ll maybe do some small under-the-radar gigs and gradually build up a set.’

But it is the prospect of a Spaced revival that will most excite fans. When asked if there was any chance of any more episodes, she said: ‘Strangely, I’ve just been emailing Simon and, you never know, nothing’s out of the question. I loved playing Daisy, so who knows?’

And of the movie she added: ‘If Simon and Edgar were up for it, I definitely would be. So there you go, I’m putting that out there. I would be very up for doing a Spaced movie.

‘How great would that be! Why not? Let’s do it!’

Click here to buy tickets for the NCH Stand Up Get Down gig.

Posted: 11 Jun 2008

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